The First

ImageHi all! There are few things in life that I find more stifling than turning creativity and individuality into an assignment. This post, and this blog (the first one I’ve ever made) are in fact part of an assignment to create a blog that reflects me professionally and creatively. While I openly admit making this blog was not my choice, I fully intend on making the best of it.

Who: Gintare Pisciotto. 20-year-old Italian girl born in Lithuania, transplanted to New Jersey, studying at the University of Central Florida. Work with me here…

I was raised on the concept that family is everything. I am the daughter of two loving parents, and the older sister to two incredible siblings who I love as my own children.

I am the lover of all things comical, artistic, beautiful, curious, edible, and questionable. And there are few (if any) things in this world that do not interest me.

What: A BLOG! Often sarcastic, sometimes misunderstood, occasionally irrelevant… but always 100% me. This is a space about me, my life, my thoughts, and my hopeful future in the Public Relations field.

Where: This vast empty space with everyone else: the internet.
Twitter: @itsgintare
Instagram: @itsgintare

When: Now, tomorrow, and every day after that. I’m slowly coming to the terrifying realization that real life does not begin after college. The time to make moves in my future career and shape myself into the person and professional I want to be is right now. With this assignment, I aim to mold together my college self and the professional self I want to be.

Why: In short, because Dr. Dodd told me to. But I already feel thankful she did.
As a student hoping to enter a field that is fueled by media and being social it is vital to have an online presence that can set me apart. It is also vital to be in the midst of whats happening in the world if I plan on immersing myself into that world.
As a person, it can be extremely therapeutic to just talk, even if I feel that no one is listening or can answer back.

With all of the things that capture my interest in this world, the vision for where I want Public Relations to take me is not quite clear. But hopefully through a little self-exploration and a LOT of blogging I can begin to find my niche on the internet and in my future field.

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