Hungry? Shake things up

Urbanspoon is a website and phone application that helps users find a restaurant that caters to their location, taste, and price range. It was started in Seattle, Washington in 2006 and had 3 employees. It was purchased by InterActiveCorp in 2009, the exact price is not known but its estimated to have been bought for a price in the low double-digit millions.
Today, it is utilized by 28 million users every month. Both the web and the mobile app are steadily growing but mobile app traffic is outpacing the web. Every year the app grows 112% and the site grows 70%. The app is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones and the app provides services in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 53% of the app’s users are women, and 47% are men.

How it works:
Urbanspoon uses geolocation to find restaurants near the user. It the filters the search in its most famous feature, the shake, based on neighborhood, type of cuisine, and price range. The app also allows the user to make reservations at restaurants and collects the users dining history and reviews.

Benefits of the app:

  • The app is customer reviewed so you can get an honest opinion before you dine.
  • You can filter choices by how much you’re willing to spend and Urbanspoon will do the work for you.
  • You can choose what kind of food you want to eat. For example, American, Chinese, Mexican, sushi. There are categories that get even more specific like hot dogs, pub food, organic, and kosher.
  • After you choose a restaurant that fits your current craving and price you’re provided with all of the restaurant’s information, phone number, hours, directions, etc.
  • You can check in at your favorite locations and share with friends on social media.

Where’s Urbanspoon going?
In 2009 Urbanspoon sold their reservation making capabilities. This means you can still make a reservation on the app but it isn’t run by Urbanspoon themselves. They recently hired more bloggers and food writers hoping to gear the app with more professional editorial content about restaurants and dining. Urbanspoon works and will continue to work because it caters to the masses. They have a variety of features and can alter its services to fill the individual needs of virtually ANY user.
For more information, visit Urbanspoon’s website: